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Stories -2-Tell

Evans, Georgia 30809

Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Wedding Photography Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Urban Photography Portraits Family Family Stories -2-Tell/Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography/Evans,GA,30809 Senior Shoot Senior Shoot Sports Shoot Sports Shoot


Stories -2-Tell located near Evans,Georgia,30809 provides Portraits,Seniors,Sports,Wedding,Videography photography services.

Just a little about Stories-2-Tell

Everyone has a story. Regardless of what economic and social status you come from, we all have a story to tell. How that story is presented is the difference between dull and dazzling. I learned this simple concept as an Army videographer while stationed in the Panama Canal. As a reporter, my job was to find ordinary, run-of-the-mill people. Once they are found - tell their story; whatever it was. And I did. Award-winning stories and documentaries were then born out of "ordinary" military personnel, their families, the Panamanian government officials and civilians. This life experience was not only proof that I was gifted in story-telling, but more importantly, it was a passion. This same passion is brought forth in Stories-2-Tell. A passion of documenting the most intimate moments and natural expressions of loved ones - even four legged members of the family.

I am an Augusta-based videographer/photographer specializing in child, family, and High School Senior portraiture, wedding and music videos, and commercials. Born and raised in a small town called Stillmore, Ga. I spent 23 years in the U.S. Army as an Audio/Visual Production Specialist. Drawing from my experience as a news director while stationed in the Panama Canal, every video clip and still photo had to have meaning and purpose before being aired. Today, this same standard and precision to detail is a hallmark of Stories-2-Tell. Every clip of video, every picture taken is purposed to tell a story - your story.

With my clean, modern approach to photography, I strive to create timeless works of art that capture the true essence of each subject. My photographs and videos grace the walls and TV's of clients' homes across the CSRA. As a father of four boys, I also understand the beauty and importance of these precious, fleeting moments and strive to capture these for each of my families in a fun and loving atmosphere!

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Portraits, Seniors, Sports, Wedding, Videography

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Evans, GA 30809, United States