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Susan Godburn Photography

Warwick, New York 10990

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Susan Godburn Photography located near Warwick,New York,10990 provides Corporate,Family, Lifestyle,Portraits,Seniors,Wedding photography services.

Thank you for stopping by!

Ken & I (Sue) live about an hour from NYC in Warwick, NY, and are happy to also travel for destination portrait sessions and weddings. 

So here's the reality: Many of us would rather get a tooth pulled with zero anesthesia than to be professionally photographed, right? Maybe we think that the camera makes us look fat, or ugly, or both. Well, my goal is to help everyone do a 180 on that- and to fall in love with both the experience of being professionally photographed; and with the tangible memories created. 


What do I enjoy most about pophotography?

Definitely, it's building others' esteem.


Great portraiture and wedding photography can create a change in how we feel about ourselves and the stories that make up our family history for the better, for a long time, in an intensely powerful way. It can give those we love priceless  memories, for that day when they will one day look for photographs of us, and with us. I love creating the sort of timeless, heirloom images that we may wish we had with our mother, grandmother, and loved ones.  

You can see what past clients have said about their experiences with us 
below, in reviews they submitted to this directory.

Please get in touch- From intimate local weddings to senior or solo portrait sessions in a tulle gown and flower crown on a cliff in Hawaii; in-studio or home sessions in California or right here in NY, just tell me your photography wishes & dreams, and lets make them happen! 

Thank you for the honor of being considered to capture your priceless memories. Follow on Instagram @suegburn 

845-729-480 nine (Due to the amount of spam/robocalls we get, please leave a voicemail and/or text me when you first get in contact) 

Please contact me for a custom quote

Corporate, Family, Lifestyle, Portraits, Seniors, Wedding

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Warwick, NY, USA

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Brittany Casey

January 16, 2016

I came across some of Sue's photos on Instagram and knew that I wanted her to be our wedding photographer when we got engaged. After our first phone call, it was solidified in my mind and my fiance agreed that she was perfect for us. She is honesty, compassionate and dependable and was available throughout our engagement for any questions, thoughts or concerns we had. She offered her honest input on things that weren't even photo related, but that were just causing me stress and helped to calm my nerves, offering reassurance. She also helped us to locate two other vendors we ended up using for makeup and ceremony music. She was patient with us and flexible with our super busy schedules, accommodating us and ensuring we were comfortable and calm during out engagement photos (which came out fabulous). On the day of our wedding, Sue and Ken arrived early and stayed late, catching every moment and making sure that they were there snapping away. The turn around time for our photos was quicker then we anticipated and we LOVE them- We are so happy we went with this wonderful team to capture one of the most important days in our lives together and we look forward to using them in the future :)

Julia Miles

January 13, 2016

My husband and I picked Sue to be our photographer since my husband actually worked with her previously. We have been working with her a full year from January 2015 till now. She photographed our proposal, engagement session, and our entire wedding day. We recently got married on October 10th, 2015. From the very beginning (the day we got engaged actually) she was very communicative about our options, and very kind and flexible. I was surprised at how helpful she was to us through the whole process. She made things very clear, never pushed us to make any particular choice, but would simply give us suggestions and allow us to choose. She really wanted to know what we wanted for our pictures and did a wonderful job at implementing our requests. We definitely had a lot of fun shooting with Sue! She helped us take some cool shots I probably never would have thought of. Probably my biggest fear with hiring a photographer would be if it was really worth the money. But Sue was definitely right when she said the photos that are taken are going to be what is remembered forever. The pictures she took definitely turned out wonderful and so worth the money! I'm so glad we took her suggestions and also got a professional photo album that she designed. She definitely went beyond what we expected in a photographer. My two favorite moments were first, our whole engagement session in general! That day was definitely a lot of fun! From walking through weeds during the sweaty hot summer, then the rain, then a perfect rainbow, and ending with cute town shots. Even though we may have been sweaty and didn't know what we were doing, the pictures didn't come out like that. They all came out looking so adorable! Second favorite memory was my all time favorite picture that Sue took of us at our wedding day. In just an extra 15 minutes of taking pictures, those turned out to be some of the most beautiful from the whole day! I didn't really think those would be the best, especially since it seemed like she was so far away in the brush. Lol but she knew what she was doing and they turned out beautifully and I can't wait to get it printed on a canvas to hang in our apartment! We really recommend Sue to any and everyone everywhere!!! She really went beyond our expectations, was super helpful and kind, and her work turned out amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer (and person) to photograph our engagement/wedding journey. Thank you so much Sue!

Cheryl Bordes

November 10, 2014

I can't begin to express how completely satisfied I am with Susan's work. I've used her services on 2 different ocassions. The first time was for a High School graduation party and then two years later for my daughter's wedding. From my very first telephone conversation with Sue, I was convinced that she knew her trade and that she was the right professional for me. Every interaction, from my first telephone conversation, then through the contracting process, up to the day of the events, I never felt rushed or pressured. She made me feel at ease and patiently took time to answer all of our questions. She responded to emails and returned phone calls promptly, never failing to make us feel comfortable with our decision to use her services. On the day of the events, she arrived ahead of time and captured all of the details at the venue and in the rooms. Things that most typical photographers would overlook--she captured them. .I can't say enough positive things about her attention to detail and the quality of her work. But wait! Let's not forget Ken........with his support and assistance and their working together, they captured additional, unsuspecting moments that we now treasure. They work seamlessly as a team and complement each other. I wholeheartedly recommend their services. You'll be 100% pleased with their work.

Lori Moore

September 19, 2014

About 3 years ago I was visiting friends and had the treat of seeing an album of a wedding that Sue had photographed. It took my breath away! I couldn't believe how beautiful the pictures were. She made the bride and groom look like professional models. Every person in the photographs looked beautiful. I decided at that moment that when my children married, my gift to them would be hiring Sue as the photographer. My son was married in August 2014 and Sue and her wonderful assistant, husband Ken, we're hired. My son wanted me to save my money and have a friend who is "good at taking pictures" do the wedding. I told him that it would be worth it and to trust me. I knew from personal experience that he would look back with regrets if the friend took the pictures. He and his bride complied. The engagement session that is included in Sue's packages convinced the couple that it would be worth it. It was a beautiful day. They had a lot of fun and the pictures came out awesome. The day of the wedding however, let's just say that the weather wasn't perfect for a wedding-it poured down rain most of the day. I was worried that this would make getting good pictures very difficult. Sue didn't seem a bit worried. She knew how to deal with the weather. The pictures are all amazing.! She captured moments that most people would have missed.. Looking at the pictures, it seems that she was always there for those special candid moments, but you never saw her. ... she must have a stealth mode! Three weeks after the wedding and after previewing all of the beautiful pictures (couldn't believe how quickly they were ready) I received a text from my new daughter-in-law. She thanked me for the forethought of hiring Sue. She had seen the many pictures taken by "photographer" friends, and realized how worth it or is to hire a professional. She was so happy with her beautiful wedding collection. I still have 2 unmarried children and I am more sure than ever that when they set a date, Sue will be the first person I call. She is professional, discerning , flexible and respectful of the importance of the day. The stunning pictures and the memories they recall will be cherished by all who see them.

Inara Nartey-Tokoli

September 03, 2014

My first experience with Sue was at a high school graduation party. It was very cute and fun. She photographed the graduate and her family, i also took a photo with her. Sue surprised the guests with a digital photo frame preview of unedited shots she had taken. WOW!!! Was the reaction of all in attendance. How beautiful! My father is one of the WORST posers for a picture. He always seems to be looking in the wrong direction and ruins the picture! I was more than impressed at a photo Sue took and he was looking straight at the camera looking so relaxed and natural. I thought to myself "I don't know how she did that but she is talented!" From that day, I had in the back of my mind that if I ever got married, I would love for Sue Godburn to do my wedding photography. Well, about 2 years later I was engaged and emailed her right away to arrange for her to photograph my wedding. I was surprised that she even remembered me. This was just a glimpse into the level of personal interest she puts into all of her work. I wasn't expecting her to take out so much of her personal time to meet with us pre-wedding and discuss with us our likes, dislikes and our expectations. While she wants to know what you like, Sue reminds you to have fun and capture personal moments that make your wedding special and not to compare your wedding photos or to focus on trying to have photos like others. It's so much fun to check her blog, because none of her weddings look alike! Each one has it's unique style and character! I was afraid that on the day of the wedding I would be pulled away from all the activities of the day to take pictures. I didn't feel that way at any point. I had so much fun with Sue, and felt relaxed throughout the day. After seeing all of the beautiful weddings she photographed I wondered if my photos would be like that, could me and my husband appear so flattering? Our engagement session allayed those fears. Our friends and family were all so excited. A preview of our wedding pictures was up within 3 days and all of the photos from the wedding were ready within about a month's time. My husband and I first viewed the photos and I cried tears of joy at how beautifully she captured each moment of the day. I recommend her to all my friends. She includes so much in her packages, really I was impressed at the quality of it all, especially our wedding album. It was worth ever penny to use Sue. She more than covers all the bases and extends herself to go even beyond what her contract states. We can't thank her enough for giving us these memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.

Donna Laverack

August 25, 2014

Sue photographed a 60th Wedding Anniversary Party for us. The pictures were amazing. She captured with her camera every detail from the beauty of the décor to the beauty of family and friends. She is incredibly easy to work with and very professional. You can see that she puts careful thought into every aspect of her work and she is both creative and spontaneous. Her talent not only captured many beautiful moments but created for us all beautiful memories. We can't thank her enough.

Jonathan & Jackie Leon

August 01, 2014

The pictures are absolutely perfect. We wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so much!! We are so excited to share them with family and friends! Wappingers Falls, NY

Kimberly Dapolito

July 31, 2014

WOW , where do I even start , when we received the pictures we just sat there looking at them again and again . They were just PERFECT ! One was better then the next . It was such a special occasion and we are so glad that you were part of of because you captured each special moment that we can all as a family treasure for a lifetime . Thanks sooooo much for everything , you are the Best !